The Mailelani Story


Mailelani, meaning ‘a gift from heaven’, was established in 2005 by Kitiona and Sylvie Salanoa. While most businesses are created to make money, Kiti and Sylvie had other motivations. They wanted to give back to the people of Samoa, the country they loved, by providing an income source to people in rural areas.

After a few false starts they came up with the simplest of plans: they would sell products made with local ingredients by local people.

With help from a few friends, the first product they created was a handmade scentless soap. The enthusiastic response that followed was a clear sign they were on the right path.

From there they developed the vast range of skincare products available today. Soaps, coconut oil, lotion, body scrubs, balms and a facial collection all make up the Mailelani range – available in Australia through Premium Pacific.

Everything is natural and ethically produced by the local people of Samoa. When you buy Mailelani handmade coconut oil skincare, you’re not only doing something good for your skin; farmers, villagers and workers in Samoa all benefit from your choice.

The primary ingredient in Mailelani products is virgin coconut oil, or suau’u popo, as the locals call it. Certified organic and ethically sourced from farmers and villagers in Samoa, it is then handmade by a small local team.

Full of natural goodness, virgin coconut oil is a great moisturiser and is easily absorbed by your skin. After using Mailelani products, your skin will feel smooth and supple, with the added bonus of a lingering tropical fragrance.

The tropical ingredients infused in Mailelani products are inspired by the knowledge and history of the island. Papaya, moso’oi (ylang ylang) and pe’epe’e (coconut cream), for example, are well known by the locals to provide more than a nice scent, they are also good for your skin.

Kiti says, “What makes Mailelani unique is that it’s the peoples business; it’s not just us. We have people who make the coconut oil, koko samoa and sell esi, so everything we do and put in, is made by the people, Mailelani just makes the finished product. That’s why I always say without the people, Mailelani wouldn’t exist.”

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